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Our office in Parker is between NAPA Autoparts and Right Auto Care.


Look for the gray building with Chiropractic and Massage sign.

Since our office is in unincorporated Douglas county, sometimes GPS systems place us in an incorrect location.  If this is the case with your system, please use the address of the Walgreens next to NAPA: 19028 Lincoln Ave, Parker, CO 80134.

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11911 S Parker Rd #109

Parker, CO 80134


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About Webster Chiropractic
Welcome to Webster Chiropractic, where people are treated like people. We wholeheartedly believe that trust is the bedrock from which long-lasting results can be achieved. Trust takes time to develop.  This is why, compared to the average Chiropractor,  we spend 4 times as much time with our patients.  We know from the results this office has seen for the past 20 years that this is time well spent.

Here at Webster Chiropractic, we understand that to achieve long-lasting, life-changing results, adjusting the bone and realigning the joints that are causing the problem is not enough. The realignment by itself can bring relief or temporary improvement. But, the soft tissues, if left unchecked, can (and often do) pull the bones right back into their original misaligned position, and cause the problem and associated pain to start up again. Our bodies were designed as a tensegrity structure or a system where everything interconnects in a manner where one area can affect another even if they are seemingly unrelated. This principle allows the body to manage forces in both a stable and efficient way.

Tensegrity systems have 2 main components: Stable load bearing elements (Bones), and dynamic elastic elements (soft tissues: muscles, tendons, ligaments, and organs). This means that in order to bring the change we would like to see in our bodies, both the dynamic and stable elements need to be addressed.

Mary Weyer



Mary was born and raised in eastern Montana, before becoming part of our team she worked as a hair stylist. Mary has been part of this team for 16 years. She moved to Parker to be closer to her grandaughter. She enjoys cooking and fixing up her house.

Before she knew of chiropractic, she had been suffering from debilitating hip pain for years, that made it difficult to get up from a chair. This pain severely impacted her quality of life. She describes her chiropractic experience as: "My first adjustment felt like I had two bodies because for the first time in years I did not have pain below my waist".

Michelle Walters


Michelle was born in Washington D.C and grew up in Maryland. She moved to Colorado in 2012 from Iowa to be closer to her family. She completed her bachelor's degree at the University of Maryland.

She enjoys cooking, baking, and camping trips with her two daughters. Her first chiropractic experience occurred while she was working for a chiropractor in Iowa, She has been involved with chiropractic ever since that adjustment.

Laurette Hart


Laurette was born and raised in Chicago, She is a graduate of Stephens College. She enjoys reading and hiking. Her first chiropractic experience was in our very office. Chiropractic is now one of the ways she achieved and maintains good health. She now leads many of the processes that keep this office running smoothly.


Daniel Webster Veiga

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Dan was born and raised in Puerto Rico.  He received his bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the Polytechnic University of PR. He then worked in the industry for a few years but found that corporate living did not fulfill his need to see the impact his work had in the lives of the people that benefit from it.  At that point, he decided to quit his job and go back to school.  While in chiropractic school he gravitated to soft tissue work. He spent countless hours perfecting his skills and gaining valuable clinical experience.  Now he gets to see how his work improves the lives of those around him each and every day.


"Dr. Webster is an excellent chiropractor who addresses my health needs quickly and effectively."

Norman Santiago

"If you are committed to your health and well being, Dr. Webster is the man to see. He is a true healer."

Migdalia Blasini

"Dr. Webster is a miracle worker. He is very knowledgable and was able to remove all of my back aches."

Miguel Cintron

Home Care/ Life Style Adjustments

You are with yourself 100% of the time.  You are the key factor that will determine if the results you get with any treatment are temporary or life-changing. Most of the misalignments and health issues we suffer from are due to lifestyle.  Just by modifying a few habits, a life can be turned from a collection of pains into a beacon of human potential. 

Bio Geometric Integration

This is a cutting-edge chiropractic approach where the focus and breath of the individual are used as the adjustment to change the tone or tension of the musculoskeletal system and correct the misaligned structures. Bringing symmetry and ease into the body.

This approach works because our bodies are intention sensitive machines.  When we have the intent to move or perform an action, the body simply does it. If the focus of the individual is strategically shifted between the key points in the body where tension is stored, a powerful relaxation reflex can be triggered, bringing the person into a deep relaxation state where the tight muscles will simply relax and the pain will often just melt away.


Neuro-muscular re-education

Inspired by years of studying massage and physical therapies, Neuro-Muscular Re-education is a deep tissue technique developed over the last 20 years by Ronald Conley, D.C.  It combines Trigger Point Therapy, Joint Mobilization, Active Release Technique, and Swedish style massage into a cohesive soft tissue massage and chiropractic adjustment paired approach. By combining such a diverse array of treatment modalities, the care can be tailored to the individual's specific needs.

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Soft Tissue Techniques Available

Skeletal System Techniques

Activator Method

This is a low force instrument assisted adjustment protocol. The adjustment consists of a high-velocity low amplitude thrust, which will cause the bone being adjusted to oscillate or vibrate into proper alignment. This technique is ideal for people with osteoporosis or otherwise weak or compromised skeletal structural integrity.

Full Spine/ Diversified

This technique seeks to realign the entire skeletal system by checking each of the major areas of the spine and extremities and adjusting the joints that show signs of restriction or misalignment.  This is known in the chiropractic profession as a subluxation. This technique is the one most commonly practiced in the chiropractic profession.

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